Bichon Frise
a Comprehensive Study

The Author, John Hutchison, has a lifetime of experience in the breed as a breeder, exhibitor, judge, and a talented lecturer on the breed, and shares with the reader his great knowledge.

You will learn about:

  • The breed history
  • Key features of the Bichon Frise
  • Breeding your Bichon and caring for puppies
  • Solving puppy problems
  • Secrets of the world’s best breeders
  • Stories of the great dogs in the breed
  • Presenting your Bichon

…and much more

With more than 200 pages packed full of information and more than 200 photos of dogs from the current and yesteryear — many of which have never been published.

About the Author
John E. Hutchison

John and Wendy Hutchison have owned and bred Bichon Frise for 38 years under their MONJOIE prefix. Together they have owned and bred some of Australia’s best dogs, and have exported dogs to many other breeders around the world.

John wrote his first book, The Bichon Frise – A Practical Approach, in 1986 and this book was sold all over the world, now being out of print.

John has great experience in the breed and has presented the breed lecture for the Bichon Frise, not only in many states in Australia, but also overseas. His lectures are always well received by trainee judges, as well as those interested in the breed.

But John’s knowledge of dogs is extensive – a judge of both the Toy Group and the Hound Group – he conducts lectures for all Toy breeds for Trainee Judges in his capacity as Group Leader for the Toy Group in Victoria.

John has a great passion for the Bichon Frise and this is clearly evident in his writings on the breed.

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